NEXT Annual Report 2016

The NEXT annual report 2016 is now available. The highlights are as follows:
NEXT expanded the number of clinical research centres from two to four during 2016 due to a second round of investments from Innovation Fund Denmark, the regions and new pharmaceutical partners.
The number of clinical trials initiated in 2016 was 22, which exceeded the goal of 13 by nine trials. Nevertheless, the number was a drop of six compared to 2015 where 28 clinical trials were initiated. However, as our analysis indicated a general drop in the number of early phase trials in the EU, the result was found satisfactory as NEXT in two years had experienced a total of 50 initiated early phase clinical trials.
In 2016, the NEXT Core Function was strengthened with two Centre Coordinators and one Partnership Manager, which were tasked with facilitating national coordination, improving metrics, overseeing feasibilities and ongoing trials, and administering funding in NEXT.
In 2017, NEXT aims to further emphasize the national collaboration and excellence in clinical trial performance. Furthermore, NEXT will intensify activities to increase visibility within the pharmaceutical industry, for instance by offering associated partnerships and making NEXT visible to the industry. More disease areas will be part of NEXT in 2017 and onwards, and finally, NEXT will develop a long-term business plan for a sustainable NEXT by 2019.