NEXT-Link DEMENTIA is a network of the largest memory or dementia clinics in Denmark. The clinics at Rigshospitalet, Zealand University Hospital in Roskilde, Odense University Hospital in Odense and Svendborg, Aarhus University Hospital, and Aalborg University Hospital take part in the network.

NEXT-Link DEMENTIA offers collaboration on clinical research with medicinal products in Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia diseases. The network is established in 2018 as a subgroup of the ADEX alliance, which was established in 2015.

The memory clinics constituting the NEXT-Link DEMENTIA network collaborate on improving and standardizing diagnostic criteria, training of staff, and creating common standards.

Read more about this in the folder about NEXT-Link DEMENTIA.

NEXT Partnership offers one point of contact to the network.


Senior Network Manager, Karina Markersen
NEXT Partnership

Phone: +45 24 42 58 55

Én Indgang coordinator, Michelle Birknow

Phone: +45 29 77 90 93