NEXT – National Experimental Therapy Partnership is a public-private partnership within clinical research consisting of the regions of Denmark, universities, twelve pharmaceutical companies and one GTS institute*). Additionally, NEXT has several associated partners. The partnership was established on 1 November 2014 as an INNO+ partnership, with the Innovation Fund Denmark investing DKK 50 million in the partnership over a five year period and the partners investing DKK 114 million. On 1 April 2016, NEXT was granted an extra investment from the Innovation Fund of DKK 42,4 million over a period of four years and the partners contributed with DKK 162 million.

*) GTS stands for “Godkendt Teknologisk Service” in Danish. It means “approved technological service provider”.

NEXT will make Denmark the pharmaceutical industry’s first choice for early clinical trials of new drugs for patients and with particular focus on Proof of Concept trials. NEXT works hard to optimize all processes from start-up to close out of clinical trials, and here the optimization of legal and regulatory processes are highly prioritized. A high degree of predictability in the clinical trials is also an important element for NEXT. Clinical trials are initiated as planned, and the agreed number of patients is recruited.

NEXT offers a one stop shop for the pharmaceutical industry and hospital researchers: Easy access to Denmark’s strongest clinical research environment within experimental research in the early phases, national recruitment of patients and establishment of patient databases as well as optimized administrative and regulatory processes.

NEXT has established centers within Oncology and Haematology, Dermatology, Respiratory Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Bioinformatics. Companies seeking help to locate collaborators within other disease areas can get help at the regions “One entry point”/Clinical Trials Office Denmark. Read more here.

NEXT’s current goal is to increase fourfold the amount invested by pharmaceutical companies in early clinical trials in Denmark. This is to take place within the next five years, and this presupposes that the Danish hospital departments are internationally competitive in quality, speed, proximity and precision. On the NEXT Centers, excellent research and ground-breaking innovation are carried out under the common denominator of Precision Medicine or Personalized Medicine.